Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Quality Programming for Preschoolers


Do you remember watching Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood when you were little?  I have fond memories of the show, and still remember the ‘ring, ring’ of the trolley, and of course, the popular song, “It’s A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.”

You can imagine my excitement when I heard that NET and PBS Kids are launching a brand new show based on this favorite children’s program!  

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, a new animated series for children ages 2-4, features the children of his original Neighborhood of Make-Believe characters.  Parents will recognize the theme song with the classic “It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” refrain, and will smile when Daniel puts on his sweater and shoes just like Mr. Rogers did.

The First Episode: “Daniel’s Birthday”

My son loved watching Daniel and his friends, and responded out loud when Daniel asked the viewers, “Do you want to make believe with me?”  As a parent, I appreciated the positive messages that were repeated throughout the episode, “When something seems bad… turn it around, and find something good.”  (I think the catchy tune is still in my head!)

Fun on the Web!

Additionally, parents and children can visit the PBS Kids Daniel Tiger website to find games and printables that supplement the show, and the NET Kids site for videos, printables and more.  I know my son will love to explore these websites!

When To Watch

Are you excited to watch it with your kids?  Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood will premiere on Labor Day, Monday, September 3rd, on both NET-1 and NET HD.  It will air Monday – Friday at 11am, 11:30am, 1:30pm, and 2:00pm, and on Sundays at 8:30am (all CST).  Find more information on the NET schedule.  Enjoy!

Note: As a parent and former elementary teacher, I am an advocate of quality programming for kids, and love sharing wonderful (and free!) resources for parents and teachers.  

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