Super Fun Water Balloon Games!


Fun with Water Balloons

It is going to be HOT this week, and a perfect time to play with water balloons!  Try out these super fun games and activities all with Water Balloons!

  • Obstacle Course  – Designate an area for the obstacle course and lay water balloons randomly all over the ground.  Kids line up on one side and try to run from one side to the other without stepping on and breaking any balloons.  Make area smaller and move balloons closer together, and try again.  Keep decreasing the obstacle course area until the entire area is almost completely filled with balloons!
  • Catch – Partners stand close facing each other and take turns throwing water balloon back and forth, taking a step farther away each time.  Alternative: Lather up your hands with dish soap for some slippery fun!
  • Races / Contests
    • relay race with balloon on masking tape roll, toilet paper tube, cup, or on spoon
    • try to carry the most balloons
    • carry the balloons and run the fastest
    • throw the balloon the farthest
    • throw the balloon through a hula hoop
    • Be creative!
  • Rolling water balloons down the slide and another person at the bottom tries to catch it – my son loved this!
  • Hot Potato
  • Easter Egg hunt using water balloons
  • Water Balloon Games – Many more ideas for playing with water balloons, including many ideas with teams

Looking for more ideas to stay cool, save money, and have fun?  Be sure to also see 10 Free Activities to Beat the Heat!

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    Haha – I love love the idea of a water balloon pinata! I think you could hang a couple of balloons and fill some with confetti or coloured water as special surprises!

    Thanks for linking up to the Sunday Showcase – hope to see you there again next week!


    • says

      Thank you for stopping by! I love your idea of filling some balloons with confetti or colored water – sounds fun!

    • says

      Thank you so much for featuring the post! I would love to hear how some of the water balloon games turn out with your boys. I will definitely stop by!


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