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Christmas Lights in Omaha | Family Fun in Omaha

Looking for Amazing Christmas Light Displays in the Omaha Area? Find beautifully decorated houses with bright lights, inflatables, decorations, and some with thousands of lights choreographed to music!

Thank you to all who have put the time and effort into creating these displays for everyone to enjoy and to everyone who has helped us keep the list updated!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please help us keep this list as updated as possible. If you have updates for 2015 on any of the light displays listed, or if you know of other light displays that should be added, please email us.  When possible, the website or Facebook links are included for the displays, plus details that were sent to us by either the person who created the display or by a reader who visited the display.

√ 2015 signifies houses that have been verified for 2015.

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Interactive Map: Blue = Houses, Green = Neighborhoods.

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North of Dodge

  • North Omaha Holiday Lights – Near 24th & Lake Streets – √ 2015
    • Lighting: 5 p.m. on Saturday, December 5, to close out Christmas in the Village. Holiday lights will enhance the six-block surrounding area.
  • Read St & Minne Lusa Blvd
  • N 33rd St. between Davenport & Dodge
    • Has 40 blow mold lighted Santas in the front windows. Lit daily from 5 p.m. until midnight.
  • 49th and 51st & Cuming Street – √ 2015
  • Happy Hollow Blvd from Howard St. to Cuming
    • Drive from Elmwood Park, from the intersection of Howard & Happy Hollow, north on Happy Hollow to Cuming, then right on Cuming, to 49th Street, you will see a lot of great lights.
  • Omaha Home for Boys (4343 North 52nd Street) –  They will officially light the campus on December 3 at 6 p.m. and run through the season. – √ 2015
  • Underwood Ave. from 63rd to 69th
  • 76th and Bedford in Keystone
    • Large display of lights and inflatables. 
  • 117th and Raleigh Drive (one block South of Fort Street)
  • 12621 Patrick Cir. – √ 2015
    • The lights are planned to be up the week after Thanksgiving. The lights are also choreographed to music. 
  • 13337 Miami St – √ 2015
  • Lammers Family Christmas – 2524 North 133rd Street, 95.5 FM – √ 2015
    • Animated Christmas display with more features, songs, channels and lights added each year. Donations welcome for Make-A-Wish Foundation of NE with 100% of the donations going to them. 
  • 134th Ave & Larimore Avenue
    • Entire corner is beautiful – many houses are decorated!
  • Linden Estates – East side of 144th between Dodge and Blondo
  • N 145th Ave & Ohio St. (Nelson’s Creek)
  • Corner of Nelson’s Creek Drive and Lake Street (Nelson’s Creek – NW of 144th and Blondo)
  • N. 148th St. & Boyd, 95.7 FM
  • Vanek Christmas: 15055 Meredith Avenue, 91.9 FM – √ 2015
    • Approximately 30,000 lights, most of which are L.E.D. lights. The display is controlled by eight Light-O-Rama controllers, with a total of 128 computer-controlled channels.
  • N. 153rd St. & Davidson St., Bennington
    • This year, the house’s 40 x 15′ roof features beautifully lit red and white lights designed in the shape of Santa’s suit, complete with his 40′ long black belt and 9×9′ shiny gold belt buckle. The siding is horizontally covered in sparkling red lights while also featuring a 20′ light pole, windows, wreaths, rope trees, some animals from the North Pole and Santa and his stable of reindeer all synched and dancing to over 30 Christmas carols to help usher in Santa and the New Year. Merry Christmas!
  • 15358 Burt Street – √ 2015
  • 153rd & Cuming St.
  • Pepperwood – NE of 156th & W Dodge
  • Barrington Park – North of West Dodge Road between 156th and 168th Street
  • N 189th St between Grant St. & Benton Blvd.
  • Silverleaf Estates – East of 192nd, North of Methodist Woman’s Hospital
  • N. 211th St. & Ridgewood Rd., Elkhorn – Set to music and animated


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South of Dodge

  • 1309 Childs Rd. East, Bellevue – 100.3 FM
    • Computerized light show. Runs Sunday – Thursday 5 p.m. – 10 p.m. Friday – Saturday 5 p.m. – 11 p.m. (unless it’s raining). 14 Light-O-Rama controllers and 4 CCR’s (total of 228 channels). Playing 16 fully synchronized songs to lights, over an hours’ worth of songs. See video of a previous year’s show, but more lights have been added this year. 
  • South 13th Street just South of the Zoo – √ 2015
  • South Omaha Holiday Lights – Along 24th Street between L and Q Streets
    • Lighting Ceremony will be held at La Plaza de La Raza (24th & N St.) on Friday, December 4, at 6 p.m.
  • 14205 Tregaron Drive, Bellevue (on Tregaron Dr. South of Fairview Rd.) – √ 2015
    • Computerized light display with a 16 minute show. Scheduled every night from 5:30 – 10:30 p.m. 
  • S. 25th St. & Robin Drive, Bellevue
  • Florence Dr between S 25th St. & Gindy Dr., Bellevue
  • S 27th St. & Minot Drive, Bellevue
    • The house is a duplex and both sides are pretty much mirrored together with music and inflatables.
  • Fontenelle Hills Neighborhood in Bellevue
  • 4401 Giles Road, Bellevue – √ 2015
  • S. 48th St. & Y Street
  • S 48th Ave & Y Street
  • 51st Ave South of A Street
  • Wood River Drive Christmas Street, Bellevue (51st & Harrison, behind Bag N Save) – √ 2015
    • Many of the houses on this street have a ton of lights and figurines, even a flying Santa and his reindeer. If you enter the neighborhood from the Bag N Save parking lot off of 51st and Harrison, you will see a sign from the neighborhood and Merry Christmas strung across the street. Santa Claus will be out starting December 5th and will be out every night (weather permitting) from 6-8 pm.
  • S. 66th St. & ‘A’ St. – 103.3 FM
  • Huge lit tower in Aksarben Village at 67th & Center
  • S 68th St & Kayla Drive, Papillion (Behind Lowe’s)
  • Greenwood Ave & Cottonwood Cir, Papillion
    • They have been working on the lights/music for 6+ years.  The display changes a little each year.  They have several other songs from previous years.  See videos of display
  • Claudine Ave & Jacqueline Circle, Papillion
  • Bellino display on Cedardale Rd in Papillion between Washington and 72nd Street
  • Wilshire Lane & Hickory Hill Road, Papillion
  • Miller Ave between Oakwood St. & Maywood St., Ralston
  • Corner of Nina and 82nd Street
  • On Gold St. between S. 80th Ave. & Ridgewood Ave.
    • Sometimes the owner is outside dressed as Santa. 
  • 3614 Paddock Road – Petri Polarpalooza – √ 2015
    • Lights, LEDs, and dancing trees to music.
  • S River Rock Dr between Port Royal Dr. & Stony Point Dr., Papillion
    • Outside display with 51 plastic Christmas displays.
  • 8619 S. 98th St, La Vista (S. 98th St between Val Verde Dr. & Centennial Rd. – Val Verde subdivision) – 93.3 FM – √ 2015
    • Computerized Christmas light show set to music, 6 songs for ~20 minutes.
  • Twas the Light Before Christmas: 10407 Elm Hurst Drive, La Vista, 103.5 FM – √ 2015
    • A light show extravaganza boasting more than 60,000 lights! A large portion of the lights (40,000) are set to dance with the music, just tune your car radio to 103.5 FM and enjoy the show in the warmth of your car. The show is set to run 5 songs for about 20 minutes.
    • Lights show will begin Thanksgiving night.
  • S 106th St & Mockingbird Dr
  • S 117th St & Crawford Rd.
  • S. 122 St & Signal Drive
    • Corner home on 122nd and Signal Drive, displays in front, side and back. Sequenced to music.  See 2014 pictures.
  • 13005 Southdale Drive – √ 2015
    • Show will run every night starting the Friday after Thanksgiving, until New Years Day. Hours of operation from 5:30 p.m. through Midnight.
  • S 140th St between Josephine & Emiline
    • Amazing display with lots of movement. Daily 5:00 to 10:30.
  • 14206 Drexel Circle – √ 2015
  • S 150th St between Drexel St. and Harrison St. – √ 2015
  • NW Corner of 152nd and Stony Brook Blvd
  • 15203 Rock Creek Drive, Omaha – √ 2015
    • North of Giles on corner of 152nd and Rock Creek Drive. Computerized light show. Runs Sunday – Thursday 5:30 p.m. – 10 p.m. Friday – Saturday 5:30 p.m. – 11 p.m. 9 mini trees, 21ft mega tree, house fully covered, 6 Light-O-Rama controllers 96 channels (red,white, and green), power 100,000 lights playing 10 fully synchronized songs to lights. Listen from your car FM 95.1. 2014 Video.
    • Should be running the first weekend in December.
  • 337 N 153 Ave Circle (N 153rd Ave Cir & Wycliffe Dr. – South of 156 & Dodge in Wycliff by Lifegate Church) – √ 2015
  • 159th Circle (backs up to Q street in the Lakeview Heights Neighborhood) – √ 2015
  • Rolling Ridge Rd. between S. 163rd & 165th St.
  • S. 164th Ave & Washington Street
  • Lillian Street between 178th & 179th St. – √ 2015
  • S 181st St. & Harney St.
  • S. 187th St. & Drexel Street – 105.1 FM
    • Near 185 Street and Harrison Street – Harrison Park Subdivision. 32 channels of lights programmed to Christmas music.
  • Just north of 192nd and L
    • Big Display of lights both in front and back yard.
  • S 193rd Ave & W St.
  • 3757 South 197th Street (S 197th St. & Pasadena St.) – √ 2015
    • Thousands of lights sync’d to music via FM Transmitter. Dozens of inflatables, both sides of yard and house covered with decor.
  • 6407 S. 198th St – 91.9 FM – √ 2015
    • Directions: From 192nd and Harrison, go North to Adams. Take a left onto Adams. Follow Adams around the round-a-bout to the stop sign. Take a left at the stop sign and follow Adams up the hill.
    • Info about the show: 128 Light-o-Rama channels with 15,000 LED lights, blow molds and a silhouette Nativity. Tune to 91.9 FM to listen to the lights as they dance to 9 different songs. Show runs from the day after Thanksgiving through New Years. Weekday nights from 5:30 to 10:30. Weekends from 5:30 to 11. Video from 2014 show.
  • South 199th Circle & G St. – 107.1 FM
  • Max’s Lights: 2816 S. 217th Circle – 99.3 FM
  • The Sanctuary – Neighborhood South of 229th & Center

Christmas Lights Omaha

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Council Bluffs

  • 3425 6th Avenue (6th Ave & S. 34th St.), Council Bluffs – √ 2015
    • Abbott family light show – A fully computerized light show with 114 channels of light-o-rama, 96 channels of dmx. Hours are Sun-Thurs 5 – 10 p.m., Fri-Sat 5 – 11 p.m.
  • Forest Glen Neighborhood in Council Bluffs has luminaries first and second weekend this month
  • A house at the intersection of Greenview Road and Franklin Avenue in Council Bluffs
  • Greenview Road & Kurtwood Dr.
  • 8th Ave & S. 36th St. in Council Bluffs has large inflatables and disco lights
  • Corner house on 17th & Avenue E – √ 2015
  • 700 block of North 22nd St. – √ 2015
  • 25th & Avenue G – √ 2015
  • 36th & B
  • Greenview Rd and 255 Street, Council Bluffs
    • Large Inflatables, lights and music.
  • Stoneybrook Subdivision, Council Bluffs
  • Corner of 7th Ave & 15th Street, Council Bluffs
  • Harrison St & McGee Ave, Council Bluffs – √ 2015


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Surrounding Areas

  • Christmas with the Clappers: 610 W Dodge St., Arlington, NE, 107.7 FM – √ 2015
    • A computerized light show with 96 channels of computerized lighting and 20,000 Christmas light set to music. Tune in to 107.7 to listen to the lights.
    • Christmas Light Tour – Sunday, December 13, 4 – 7:30 p.m.
  • A Crab Orchard Christmas
    • Approx. 13 miles West of Tecumseh off of HWY 136 in the Village of Crab Orchard. We have over 30,000 lights controlled by Vixen with 296 channels. Santa visits during show hours on Saturday. The show runs 7 days a week, 6 p.m. – 10 p.m., and is about 30 minutes long and free to watch. Donations are welcome which help other families. Our Lights will dance to the music!
  • Baird’s Christmas Lights: 1233 E Ave, Red Oak, Iowa
    • To get to the lights from Red Oak: 9 miles north on highway 48. Then 3 miles west on 110th street. Then turn south onto E avenue. Once you’re on E avenue you should see them. 1233 E Ave Red Oak, IA.
  • 21020 Cougar Avenue – Honey Creek, IA –  “Animated Lights on Cougar Avenue”
  • Along Old Lincoln Highway, between Council Bluffs and Crescent Iowa, there are a lot of very nice light displays.

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