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The internet has changed the use of coupons significantly.  Printable coupons can be found everywhere!  They are often higher in value than the coupon inserts, and many times you can print two to increase your savings.

The main websites to print coupons are:

Target Store Coupons – (more information in Helpful Tools)

At The Spirit of Saving, I will try to let you know when a great coupon is available.  The coupons are updated regularly, and you never know how long they will be available – the best ones go fast!  You usually have to download some type of coupon printing software the first time you print them from a particular site, but it generally only takes a minute.

Please note:  It is never OK to photocopy coupons!  The coupon software that you download actually prints a unique barcode on that coupon.  You can really get in a lot of trouble, and personally, it is not worth it to save a buck (literally!).

When you go to a site such as, you can select the coupons you want and then print them quickly.  You can usually go back and print another set of the same coupons, and they will all print with a different barcode.  It will read “Coupon limit reached” when you are no longer to print particular coupons.

‘Bricks’ coupons – Occasionally, there will be coupons available to print where the link takes you directly to the coupon.  After you are done printing once, many times you can go back on your browser to the ‘print coupon’ page, and print another coupon with a different barcode.

Helpful Hint:  Printing coupons can take up a lot of ink and paper.  I would recommend only printing coupons you think you will use, or those of high value that will go quickly and you might miss out if you do not print them now.  Additionally, when I only print one coupon on a page, I often put the paper back in the paper tray and print another coupon on the opposite side (position the paper so the coupons are not back-to-back).  This can save a lot of paper in the long run!  (It is helpful to practice with a few blank sheets to see how your printer is set up so you are not printing on the back of the first coupon.)

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