Building a Stockpile


When you find a great deal, it might be helpful to buy several items at the low price.  Some people dedicate an entire room to their stockpile.  I have a small stockpile that we keep in the storeroom downstairs, or in closets if the items will fit.  The size of your stockpile and where you keep it is up to you, but again, find a system that works for you and stick with it.

What to stockpile

I think it is best to stockpile anything that you know you will need in the future, but that does not have an expiration date (toilet paper, paper towels, school supplies, etc.).  Be careful with food, so that you only stockpile enough that you are going to use before it expires.  Remember to put the newest item in the back so that you are always using the one with the closest expiration date first.

We keep a list on our small dry erase board in our pantry of any food items that will not fit in the pantry and are stockpiled downstairs.  This helps me keep track of what we have so that I am not going out to buy more crackers when we already have several boxes stockpiled (current situation).

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