Busy, Busy, Busy – How to Have More Playtime


We pride ourselves on being busy.  How many Christmas letters have you received that began with, “We have had a busy year” or Facebook posts, “It was such a busy day!”  Being involved in activities is healthy – it allows us to try new things, it encourages us to meet other people, and it helps us stay active.

How busy is too busy?  Do you find yourself running around so much with your own activities and your kids’ activities that everyone is so exhausted at the end of every day?  Do you have any down time where nothing is scheduled?  Do you feel like you are driving your kids from one activity to the next?  Are your kids asking just to stay home?

The key is finding the healthy balance between structured activities and unstructured playtime.

How can we do this?  Read on for some ideas at my guest post at Liv, Laugh, Love

What would you add?  How do you balance your structured activities and unstructured playtime?

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