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As a special thank you to my readers, we are giving away tickets to Vala’s Pumpkin Patch!  The Spirit of Saving is dedicated to family-friendly fun in Omaha, with a special focus on free or inexpensive activities.  We provide local families with regularly updated information about local events, attractions, and deals and discounts.  Thank you very much for visiting!

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The Giveaway has ended.  Congratulations to Ashley V. and Danielle A.!  Have a great time at Vala’s Pumpkin Patch.  Thank you very much to everyone who entered.  It was so much fun to read what everyone loves about Fall! 

Not just one, but TWO lucky The Spirit of Saving readers will each win two tickets to Vala’s Pumpkin Patch!


  • Simply comment on this post below and share, “In addition to going to Pumpkin Patches, what do you love about Fall?”


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Share Your Thoughts

  1. Ashley Vazquez says

    In addition to Pumpkin Patches, what I love about fall is baking! I love making anything pumpkin, so far I have made a pumpkin pie and pumpkin caramels ( well, attempted the caramels! ) I just love when it’s cold outside and the oven keeps you nice and toasty and of coarse a treat as well! 😀

  2. Anne says

    Husker football, playing in the leaves, making apple pies and being outside where I am not sweating as soon as I leave my house.

  3. Jill W. says

    The beautiful fall colors- I do a lot of driving for my job and I love seeing the multitude of colors. Baking yummy pumpkin and apple treats are high on the list too. And just hanging out with the family on weekends, seems like the summer we all scatter but in the fall/winter we enjoy hanging out more.

  4. Sarah says

    Fall gives us reminders of what was, and glimses of what is to come. It is old and new. Summer’s sun is fading and Winter’s chill is creeping in, and for just awhile, they work together; making me breathe deeper, and enjoy nature’s beauty around me. The most amazing thing is the beauty we see before winter… life is not only beautiful in it’s beginning, but also when it’s time for it to end. Goodbye Summer. While we’ll miss you, we have some really nice things to keep us smiling… things we’ve forgotten over the past few seasons. Like the sweet warmth of hot cocoa, that warms your whole body with the first sip, the smell of campfires from Vala’s Pumkin Patch from miles away, cozy hooded sweatshirts (Nebraska ones, of course ; ). And the promise that; even though the cold darkness is coming, we get to feel some of the most treasured secrets, that only Autumn can bring. I don’t know about you, but for now, I’m taking it all in while I can (and hoping to add the incredible miracle that comes in the form of homemade kettlecorn from Vala’s ; )

  5. says

    I love all the fall activities we go to. Being able to get the treats like apples and kettle corn. I love the colors of fall. They are the best decorating colors to use.

  6. Ryan Lee says

    I like the holiday feeling. Fall brings a feeling and sense of family. Getting together closer for festivies, getting away from the cold, or just indoor activities. Thats my favorite thing about fall. I love to decorate the yard for Halloween and Christmas. My childern are finally getting to the age were they try (key word is “try”) to help, and its just one more activity we do together. During the summer they are off playing sports, or with friends but in the winter they prefer to stay put at home, and thats my favorite part.

  7. Brandy says

    In addition to going to pumpkin patches, i love seeing the beauty of creation in how the trees change.

  8. Robin Richards says

    In addition to pumpkin patches in the fall we love to have bon fires and family dinners. We like to play in leaves and wear snuggly sweaters but this year we started the most important tradition my family has ever had. We are going to have a toy drive for Children’s Hopspital here in Omaha in the name of our nephew who passed away on Halloween of 2011. He fought cancer for 10 months, Oct 15th 2012 would have been his 4th birthday. We plan to have this be an annual event, you can check out more info at I am a college student that is starting a non porfit organization and would really love to be able to take my kids to the pumpkin patch, we have been working so hard on this we could certainly use some family time. Thanks for reading my post :)

  9. Jennifer says

    In additional to our traditional visit to Vala’s pumpkin patch, we love to watch football, decorate for Halloween and start getting ready for the Holiday season

  10. Tricia Lucas says

    I love the beautiful colors of the trees this time of year. I love to start baking as well.

  11. Sarah G. says

    My oldest son’s birthday is October 23rd and I love planning fall/Halloween themed birthday parties for him. We have only lived in Omaha 2.5 years and Vala’s was a new treat for us. His first visit was just before he turned 2. The next year we began talking about going to Vala’s and he actually remembered being there! Last year for his 3rd visit my parents from Indiana got to join us. They are coming in a few weeks and can’t wait to go again. Obviously some very happy memories have been made there! Thanks!

  12. Anne B says

    What I love most about fall besides going to pumpkin patches is anything pumpkin. I am a total pumpkin lover and this time off year all kinds of stores have speciality pumpkin items which i love to buy and try. Last year my favorite was the pumpkin pie shake from Sonic. I also love this time of year because there are so many activities to do as a family however now that I have 3 children it gets expensive so we have to pick and choose and I wish we could do them all.
    I also signed up to receive emails from you and plan on sharing this on facebook when I get home from work..

    Anne B
    proud omaha MOM!

  13. says

    what i love about fall is the weather changing and the leaves falling covering the yards and streets
    decorating my house for halloween my kids love carmal apples. carving pumkins hallween events all month long the color of the leaves changing ans most fun haunted houses.

  14. Karen Vader says

    I love the crunch under your feet from all of the colorful leaves scattered on the ground. I love all of cute hoodies with the animal ears that little kids wear. And I Love that everything is pumpkin flavor!

  15. Shauna Drayer says

    I love the pumpkin spiced coffees and creamers as well as the yummy pumpkin pie. The joy of the holiday food. <3

  16. Muriel Johnson says

    In addition to pumpkin patches, I love everything about fall, the cool weather, the beauty in the changing of the leaves, the feeling in the air that one season has past and a new begining is on the way. the smell of bonfires, and the coming together of family to give Thanks and pig out. Whats not to love!?!

  17. Lindsay says

    “In addition to going to Pumpkin Patches, what do I love about Fall?” I love jumping in a nice pile of fallen leaves :)

  18. Lacey says

    I love the togetherness of fall activities, football parties and school events. You get to bundle up and have some fun.

  19. Beth says

    In addition to going to Pumpkin Patches, what do I love about Fall? I love jeans, sweaters, craft fairs and anything Pumpkin flavored!!! :)

  20. Stac says

    I love going to Vala’s if your kids are in AWANAs at church they can get into Vala’s free on 10/11/2012 if they wear their shirt/vest.

  21. Natalie Mendez says

    My favorite part of fall is to cold nights snuggling with my kids, kissing their cold noses, and cupping their hands in mine to warm them up. Leaves everywhere to playfully throw at the kids and start a leaf war; oh how much fun!!!

  22. Sarah says

    Oh, I forgot… Not only do I ‘Like’ The Spirit of Savings page, but I’ve shared it, too!

  23. Michele says

    This year I am excited for fall so we can take the youngest to Valas and have fun with her brothers.

  24. claude norris says

    I.have a family of 8, we usually go every year but this year we can not afford it.

  25. Michelle says

    Fall is such a beautiful season! Its my kids favorite holiday! We love to watch our football on tv and then snuggle up with kids for a family movie night!

  26. Nick Shumway says

    In addition to going to Pumpkin Patches, the thing about Fall I love the most is all the things availiable for families to do together. Hunting, fishing, yardwork are all things best done in the fall. The seasonal food is awsome and is great everywhere!!!!!

  27. Therese Acamo says

    We love to go on a hayrack ride with our whole famiy. We drink hot chocolate, and
    cook hot dogs and marshmallows over the firepit on brisk fall evenings.

  28. Sandy Jensen says

    When our boys were little, we went to Vala’s every year. It was so much fun to see how each year they had grown by what things they could climb on and do based upon their size. Our rule for what size pumpkin they could get was whatever they could carry by themselves! No, that never really worked! We would take them home and decorate, roasting our pumpkin seeds and designing the scariest of faces. These are wonderful memories.

    Now one of the boys has his own children, and they have begun to take their little one’s to enjoy the fun. He mentioned that he really wanted to take his three children because Vala’s had been one of our family “traditions” when they were growing up.

  29. Rio fry says

    I’m super excited to take my daughter that is 4 and my son who is almost one. They love being outside and valas will be a first for all of us.. I can’t wait to share this with them

    • Rio fry says

      I love the colors and the smell of fall.. My daughter wants to build leave piles and jump in them. Tutu and all…

  30. Jamie Flora says

    I love all the beautiful leaves falling and the beautiful weather. My son just turned 1 last month so he’s alittle older that means more Fun stuff for him. I have never been to Valas pumpkin patch, so it would be a wonderful experience for both my son and I. In addition I LOVE fall because its Chilli and Soup weather. :) and carving pumpkins and ofcourse making pumpkin seeds. :)

  31. Jessica says

    The best thing about fall is the cooling of the weather, the changing of leaves, apple picking, decorating the house inside and out, and watching our daughter play in the leaves.

  32. Michele B says

    “In addition to going to Pumpkin Patches, what do you love about Fall?”

    I love everything about fall! I love the colors of the leaves, the weather changes, the signs that holidays are coming…It’s by far, my favorite time of year. :)

  33. says

    The Giveaway has ended. Congratulations to Ashley V. and Danielle A.! Have a great time at Vala’s Pumpkin Patch. Thank you very much to everyone who entered. It was very fun to read what everyone loves about Fall!