Travel Tips: Traveling with Kids on an Airplane


We recently returned from a vacation, and were surrounded by many children who did exceptionally well on the plane ride.  Another family was visibly nervous about this trip, since the last time they traveled, people around them had asked to move!

Here are some tips to help your kids (and you!) have a pleasant and enjoyable trip on a plane:
  • For airline travel with kids, pack DVDs, books, toys without a lot of small parts, and their favorite stuffed animal or blanket.
  • Suckers and sippy cups are great for take off and landing to help with their ears.  
  • During layovers, walk around the airport as much as possible.  
  • Pack a few surprises (fruit snacks, extra books, etch-a-sketch, coloring pages, etc.) to pull out when they are getting restless.  
  • If possible, plan nap time during the flight.  Always a bonus if this works out!
  • Try to space out toys and snacks throughout trip.  
  •  Although tempting, be careful not to unload all of your snacks, books, and surprises even before you get on the plane.  Walk around the terminal, play silly and active games, and save the sedentary activities when the kids have to be buckled in.
  • Try to relax and enjoy flying with your children!  Do you remember the first time you flew on a plane?  Enjoy the joy and wonder of flying for the first time through the eyes of your kids and everyone will have a much happier experience!
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Have you traveled with kids successfully?  What helpful tips have worked for you?

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  1. olivia says

    Thanks for the great ideas! I never thought to plan our flight so it would be during my kids’ usual nap time! That tip worked out perfectly on our last family trip. My kids always know its time for a nap when I put on Harry Potter, so I just pulled that movie up before our flight and it put them right to sleep! Thank goodness I have the Dish Remote Access app, which connects my tablet to my home TV through the sling adapter, so I was able load the recording right at the terminal on the way there and home! I was nervous to take my little ones on my upcoming Dish business trip until I saw how well this worked. Everyone was saying how well behaved they were to sleep the whole time, so thanks again for the great suggestion!