Free Crafts for Kids at Michaels


Michaels Stores are offering Passport to Imagination every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, from now through July 28th.  Each day, they will be focusing on a different country and doing a special craft.  Most of the projects are free, except for a few that require a purchase (see below).  Each program is from 1-4pm, or while supplies last, and is geared for ages 3 and up.  It is always a good idea to verify with your favorite location before visiting.

Passport to Imagination

June 28:  Madagascar – Madagascar flag & rain stick
June 30:  Canada – Maple leaf & Moose crossing frame (with purchase)
July 3:  USA – U.S. flag & Barn owl door hanger
July 5:  Kenya – Kenyan flag & Lion pin
July 7:  North Pole – Clothespin & Penguin foam visor (with purchase)
July 10:  Thailand – Thai flag & Elephant necklace
July 12:  Russia – Russian flag & Pom pom bear
July 14:  Japan – Japanese flag & Koi fish kite
July 17:  Egypt – Hieroglyphics button & Egyptian cat portrait
July 19:  Spain – Fan & Terra cotta bull (with purchase)
July 21:  Chile – Chilean flag & Alpaca puppet
July 24:  Brazil – Palm tree card & Bird mask (with purchase)
July 26:  Morocco – Morocco flag & Flamingo keychain
July 28:  India – Foam lotus flower & Snake and coil pot

Thanks Fun Finds for Families!  

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